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Welcome to the website of Linguistic Services, the source of professional Spanish and English interpreting, translation and transcription services offered by Diane Teichman for over three decades.

Diane, a veteran judicial interpreter and translator serves America’s best lawyers, judges and law enforcement professionals. Court Reporting and T&I agencies across the nation know Diane will provide the same high standard of service that they do.

She is licensed by the State of Texas as a Licensed Court Interpreter and has passed the required examinations qualifying her to work immigration cases and federal law enforcement agency linguist translation and interpreting assignments. She holds a TS level security clearance.

A published writer and editor, she is a dedicated literary translator.

Benefit from Diane’s expertise and dedication.

Schedule Diane with confidence, knowing that her translation or interpreting  will be your words…. in their language.

Explore this site to learn about working with interpreters and our regulations and proper procedure.

Fellow interpreters and translators will improve their skills and support their work experience through the Interpreter and Translator Education and Test your Skills pages.

Add a little fun to your work day with the word games and communication and exercises.

Enjoy the world of Linguistic Services



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