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Services Provided

English to English  transcription                                       English to Spanish Transcription and Translation
Spanish to Spanish transcription                                     Spanish to English Transcription and Translation

Recording FormatRecording Format Options

Audio file   (Please identify with queries )
  • DVD   audio or  Video
  • Standard and micro cassette tapes
  • VHS Video

  • The Process

    This work, along with tape monitoring requires the highest levels of concentration and is the most tedious of all interpreting and translation assignments.  The process is never as simple as playing the tape through once and transcribing it automatically.  Every tape recording will have a section that has to be replayed to ensure that I heard or deciphered that section correctly.  Or that it could not be deciphered and was unintelligible.  
    Each final transcript and document is in standard transcript format and is proofread for spelling and grammar in the target language.
    All of the elements of clarity listed below control how many times I have to replay a word, a sentence or a passage.  Subdividing a large assignment among two or more professionals requires terminology glossary development and sharing. A notarized certificate of accuracy is optional.
    Based on these elements, I simultaneously translate a recording at a rate of one hour production time for every 8-15 minutes of recorded speech.

    My Procedure

    The format of the transcript will be clear and proper so that either a judge and or any juror can follow it simultaneously as the original video is playing
    I have the qualifications, experience, and the ability to impress the judge and jury that I am an expert on this work if taken under Voir Dire.
    I am familiar with the procedure for offering such a translation into evidence.  My work has been successfully offered and accepted into evidence on numerous occasions.
    I have been hired as an expert to challenge a translation resulting in a ruling in favor of my evidence.
    I consider every recording and resulting transcript to be privileged and confidential.

    Final product options based on process selected:


    Dual Phase A dual phase transcription is when the original recording is transcribed and then that transcription is translated into the target language. The result is produced in two columns on one document or can be two documents.
    Single Phase
    A single phase transcription/translation is when the recording is translated while I listen to it.  The result is one transcript in the target language.
    Each transcript includes a Glossary of Terms and Key to Abbreviations and includes the standard notations indicating that the spoken words could not be deciphered.
    The speakers are identified if identified on the tape or officially identified by the client.  If unknown they are identified as Male Voice and/or Female Voice.

    Basic elements that can be obstacles to a fast turnaround time:

    • Audio quality
    • Tape quality
    • Clarity of spoken communication, including

    • Capitol1. Does the speaker cry, interrupt, talk over another speaker, cough, mumble or scream the words to be transcribed?
      2. Are there other interruptions that drown out the speaker such as a telephone ringing or a wiretap microphone picking up background sounds?
      3. Does the speaker speak the source language fluently?
      4.  Does the speaker combine two or more languages or invent words?
      5. On video, does the speaker nod, gesture or shake their head instead of audibly responding?
      6. Are such gestures clearly visible and should they be indicated in the transcript?
    Additional resources:  Interpreting Evidentiary Tape Recordings: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love, Or Maybe Not… By Diane Teichman. The ATA Chronicle, Publication of the American Translator’s Association. February 2000.

    Foreign Language Tape Recordings As Court Evidence: Insuring Quality and Admissibility
    The Texas Investigator         September /October 1999
    Publication of the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
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