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PGA CourseThe Importance of a MIRROR IMAGE PRODUCT

The hard work of attorneys and their staff carries a case all the way from discovery to trial.  Evidence that builds a defense or that supports a plaintiff’s claim needs to be clear and presentable.  If this evidence needs to be translated from Spanish into English or from English into Spanish you can count on Diane Teichman to produce a translation that is a mirror image and that presents the same content of the original document.  You will receive a translation that is court ready, clear and accurate.
My translations are verbatim and they mirror the format of the original document. I know the importance of clearly understanding discovery documents, admissibility and the intended impact of your evidence.  For court purposes, please ask for a certificate of accuracy that details my qualifications as a State of Texas licensed court interpreter and over thirty years experience translating legal documents.  Translated evidence can and should be scrutinized and held to the highest of standards of this profession.

Translation Services

Translation of documents, contracts, interrogatories, media articles, settlement agreements and all discovery and evidentiary material.
Law Firm resources: website content, law firm presentation material and attorney-client correspondence.
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Specialized Services

Back Translation
Back Translation is translating a document back into the original language in which it was written. This provides verification of inclusion, revision or omission of original content.
Sometimes discovery generates documents that are already translations of an original which was involved in the basis of the case. Unreliable online translation tools or untrained bilingual staff cannot be expected to produce a verbatim translation. A back translation will reveal if the document contains the exact same content as the original.
Say Yes to Read and Sign
Translating deposition transcripts are one of my specialties.  Whether you want the whole transcript translated so your client can read and sign or if you have concerns about the comprehension of a specific question or answer you can count on a fast turnaround and a verbatim translation.  Have a rush?  See Sight Translation.
Sight Translation
Save time and money with sight translation. The entire document is read out loud in the target language in person.   This service is perfect for deposition transcripts, settlement agreements, interrogatories or Trust instruments. This service includes a notarized affidavit by the translator.

Scheduling a Translation and Turnaround EstimatesBrazos River

To schedule a translation, please contact me with the following:
  • Target and Source language (Spanish into English or English into Spanish)
  • Format ( electronic or hard copy)
  • Number of pages and word count if possible.
  • Description of document.
  • Do you need a notarized Certificate of Accuracy?
  •  Your deadline.

Legal Translation FAQ’s

  • Translation charges are based on content matter, deadline, legibility and volume.
  • Estimates on charges require a word count of the original source document and then a calculation is made estimating the target word count of the final product.  There is a difference in how many words a phrase contains when translated both from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English.
  • For unknown content, I need to see a few sample pages before I can give an estimate.  Handwritten, embedded text
    in graphs and poor image scans require longer turnarounds.
  • I do not subdivide an assignment with another translator without prior agreement from the client.
  • Fees are lower for electronic Word versions of a document.  Please have PDF versions enabled to copy and paste.
  • Never send an original document.
  • A notarized Certificate of Accuracy is available upon your request.

Letters Rogatory Translation Requirements FAQ’s

The Letters Rogatory and any accompanying documents must be translated into the official language of the foreign country.  The translator should execute an affidavit as to the validity of the translation before a notary.   See Ristau, Sec. 2-2-2(2), p. 96-97 (1995 supp.)

Additional resources:
For further requirements see Preparation of Letters Rogatory online at http://travel.state.gov/law/info/judicial/judicial_683.html