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Books, Lectures, Workshops and Published Articles

When interpreters and translators take the time for continuing professional education they are increasing their marketability to the legal community and to Translation and Interpreting ITE_pageagencies.

When you enhance your skills, you also pass on the benefit to your colleagues by raising the level of respect for our profession.  Interpreter education is an ongoing process that includes keeping skills sharp, keeping up to date with regulations and procedures and expanding your terminology base. 

A skilled interpreter or translator is a confident professional.  My goal for the professional education that I offer is to anticipate and meet your professional needs and the needs of your market. I publish articles that reflect and enhance our work experience.  I strive to offer courses, books and lectures that are productive, relevant, challenging and respectful. They are hands on, practical material that reflects our current assignments.
As a series acquisitions editor for the publishing house Multilingual Matters I edited two books that offer superb instruction for interpreters.  Click on the cover to go to the publisher for ordering information.
The Interpreters Guide to the Vehicular Accident LawsuitThe Interpreters Guide to the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit, by Josef Buenker
This book familiarizes the judicial interpreter with the vehicular accident lawsuit in the USA. The entire process which an interpreter may encounter is explained from the time of the accident through the final trial. The book provides a comprehensive presentation of the participants, terminology, procedures, documents and regulations to this prevalent area of law.

Interpretation .Techniques and ExercisesInterpretation .Techniques and Exercises, by James Nolan
This book provides a structured syllabus and an overview of interpretation accompanied by exercises in the main aspects of the art. It is meant as a practical guide for interpreters and as a complement to interpreter training programs, particularly for students preparing for conference interpreting in international governmental and business settings.



Schedule Diane to lecture or give a skill building workshop on any of the topics below. You can also request a topic relating to interpreting, translation, or foreign language communication.  These presentations can be eligible for continuing education credits and CLE’s.  Courses and workshops for interpreters and translators can be customized to meet your specific needs or you can select from the presentation titles or from the published articles listed below.

Continuing education credits have been approved for presentations by The National Court Reporters Association, The Judicial Council of California, and the Washington Court Interpreter Certification Program.

A sampling of my courses, lectures and workshops.

Terminology and Process Techniques:  Interactive Training, for Interpreters and Translators

Procedural Preparation for Examinations Under Oath ◊ Terminology Up! - Procedure specific Terms and Usage.

Culture Clash during Examinations Under Oath for Interpreters ◊ Interpreting for the Recurring Witness

Preparation for Communicative Styles ◊ Confidence In the Courtroom! Workshop for Court Interpreters,

Best Face Forward, In Person Marketing Skills for Translation and Interpretation Professionals

Sight Translation Skills and Preparation- DiscoverySight Translation Skills and Preparation- Litigation

Development of the Case Style of the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit Ethics in Legal Interpretation, Practice and Due Process