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Wonderful audiences …speaking for themselves.

Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters, Daley Center Courthouse.  Chicago, Illinois.

American Translators Association National Conference, Los Angeles, California


Hi Diane,
Thank you very much for sending the extra handouts.  They are really helpful!  Your lecture was terrific!!!
Alla Annaheim


Dear Diane I am so happy that you were a presenter this year.  Thank you, also, for being so willing to move to another room to continue your presentation, and to share your vast knowledge of the subject with us.  As a newcomer to the profession (I've been a court interpreter only for 3 years) I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. 
I look forward to seeing you next year.
Ana Lorena Lefebvre

American Translators Association National Conference, Orlando, Florida

Thank you so much, Diane.
I wanted to let you know I'm writing an article on my experience at your workshop for the Spanish division's newsletter Intercambios.  To be quite honest with you, yours was the best of the workshops I attended, regardless of the little mix-up with the schedule.  Too bad they had to cut us short.  You were on a roll, and were extremely knowledgeable about the subject as well as extremely personable.  (Name withheld by request)


American Translators Association National Conference:  St Louis, Missouri 


Thank you Diane, for taking the initiative that can help so many new interpreters with your workshop Confidence in the Courtroom!  Trust me, after 20+ years in translations, I almost died after my first day interpreting at the Immigration Court.  I welcome your tips.
Saluti, Francesca Samuel
a la carte Translations
Tucson, AZ



Florida Chapter of the American Translators Association

Palm Beach County Court System, Palm Beach, Florida.




Dear Diane, I can't tell you how much I was enjoying your practical and most useful tips at the ATA Conference when, most unfortunately, we were abruptly cut off - a major loss for all of us!!!  If you further develop your handout (as though you had all the time in the world) or decide to do an article, or whatever, do put me on your list as a very interested party and thanks again for sharing your experience with us!

Georgeanne Weller Ford


Dear Diane,
Many, many thanks for being such a fabulous speaker at the last ATA conference (which, by the way, was my first.)  Of all the ones I attended, your legal interpreting workshop was the most enjoyable, and certainly the most beneficial.
You are an excellent resource, and your years of experience are very valuable.  The combination blending your knowledge and your sense of humor made for an intellectually entertaining, as well as a tremendously practical session.  Suffice this to say, thanks, and keep up the good work.
I look forward to seeing you in LA next summer.

Sincerely, Rula Hijazeen