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Published articles for Interpreters and Translators

Passage into Literary Translation by a Judicial Interpreter

The Source ATA Literary Division, and The Mid America Translators Association Journal 
Revelations of the Case Style of a Vehicular Accident Lawsuit
The ATA Chinese Language Division, The ATA Interpreters Division, The ATA Japanese Language Division,
Mid-America Chapter of ATA, Florida Chapter of ATA.  Online publications: translationdirectory.com, lexicool.com, Babel.com 
Make The Court Reporter’s Day
Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters, Northeast Ohio Translators Association, New England Translators Association,
The ATA Japanese Language Division , Mid-America Chapter of ATA, Florida Chapter of ATA.  Online publication: translationdirectory.com/article52.htm,
Best Face Forward, In Person Marketing Skills for Translation and Interpretation Professionals
Published in 17 State Professional Translator and Interpreting Associations, on line at
Interpreting Evidentiary Tape Recordings: The Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love,
      Or Maybe Not

The ATA Chronicle

Foreign Language Tape Recordings As Court Evidence: Insuring Quality and Admissibility

The Texas Investigator, The AISS Bulletin
The ATA Chronicle